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Hidden Gems

These faculty members have been nominated by their departments in recognition of their outstanding, but often unnoticed or unrecognized, contributions to Emory or beyond. The below quotes were provided by the department Chairs. 

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Lauren Alexander, MD
Department of Radiology & Imaging Sciences

"She is a rising star in abdominal imaging who has been a pillar of our growing programs at ESJH and new associate program director of the abdominal imaging fellowship. She is beloved and respected by many colleagues."

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Bradley Carthon, MD, PhD

Department of Hematology & Medical Oncology

"Dr. Carthon serves as the Director of the Medical Oncology inpatient service…he has transformed this service into a well-oiled machine, providing patients with highly coordinated inpatient care."

"…Dr. Carthon’s leadership, teaching and organizational skills have led to important and measurable improvements in inpatient care for medical oncology patients at EUH."

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Cara Cimmino, MD
Department of Urology

"Her can-do attitude and personable demeanor has had a major positive impact in many facets of daily life at both the Clifton Rd and St. Joseph's locations of Emory Urology."

"Dr. Cimmino is a true pioneer and represents a tremendous role model in professionalism and dedication to service and education for our trainees, junior faculty, and senior faculty alike."

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Steve Helfman, MD
Department of Anesthesiology 

"In recognition of the tremendous time and effort he has given the department and perioperative platform. As he works further with IT to develop our data warehousing capabilities, we anticipate numerous clinical outcomes studies will be made possible across Emory…"

"In all this time, he has never once asked about ‘what is in it for him?’, or sought out accolades for his efforts."

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Eric Honig, MD

Department of Medicine

"Dr. Eric Honig has been a selfless clinician-educator at Grady Memorial Hospital for more than 30 years."

"…Eric has dedicated himself with enthusiasm, passion, and a deep sense of responsibility that every graduating medical student has a keen understanding of what patients and their loved ones experience during critical illness."

"He has been an unsung hero and a ‘Hidden Gem’ his entire career."

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John P. Horton, MD
Department of Gynecology & Obstetrics

"Dr. Horton has demonstrated outstanding leadership in the overall organization, administration, and expansion of the division faculty in number and practice locations."

"He has become an authority and contributed to the development of guidelines for hospitals on the care of pregnant women during labor who may be infected with the Ebola virus. Similarly, he is championing communication and guidance forZika virus and pregnancy."

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Veda Johnson, MD

Department of Pediatrics

"Dr. Johnson is recognized for her long term, quiet, and steady work with developing and promoting school based health programs – locally and nationally – among many other things. She never seeks recognition – just quietly and determinedly moves forward with her work that benefits so many children and families well beyond their immediate medical needs."

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Jeremy Jones, MD

Department of Ophthalmology

"He is the consummate team player and has recently moved from assistant residency program director to program director. Jeremy is a busy clinician who splits his time between Emory and Grady, and devotes much energy into teaching students, residents, and fellows. He is a delight to be around and will step into any role as needed."

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Jaffar Khan, MD

Department of Neurology

"Dr. Khan is a leader extraordinaire when it comes to education and service. He continues to serve as Vice-Chair of Education for the Department, and for many years he has directed the M1 and M2 medical student neuro courses, clerkship, and residency and fellowship programs. He is taking on a new role as Assistant Dean for Education for the School of Medicine at Grady."

"There are few people as passionate and energetic as Jaffar, always willing to take on new leadership roles. Hence, he is a true gem!"

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Kelly Magliocca, DDS

Department of Pathology & Laboratory Sciences

“We were extraordinarily lucky to recruit Dr. Magliocca onto our faculty at Midtown, just as the Head & Neck Oncology program there was expanding to become one of the nation's largest. She’s an expert on both sides of the microscope, and has become one of our busiest, most productive, and most valued diagnosticians in that challenging subspecialty. Yet she somehow still finds time to be an award-winning teacher, research collaborator, mentor, and scholar in her field, while also being unfailingly cheerful, accessible, supportive, and upbeat with everyone who's lucky enough to work with her.”

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Brooks Moore, MD
Department of Emergency Medicine

"Dr. Brooks Moore loves serving as the authoritative voice in Emergency Disaster Preparedness and Response. He provides Medical Oversight for Emergency Management at Grady Health System which is the Regional Coordinating Hospital for Disaster Preparedness and the Department of Health and Human Services responding to over 200,000 patients in the region."

"He has provided medical support for the Regional coordinating hospital which serves a population of the Atlanta Metro Area (6 million)…"

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Oguchi Nwosu, MD
Department of Family and Preventive Medicine

"Valued by faculty, staff, and students...“Dr. Nwosu is a wonderful colleague. Calm, wise and steady in all storms, he is kind and able to keep what is important in our work and life in laser focus.”

"He is truly the personification of Faculty Excellence."

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William Shafer, PhD

Department of Microbiology & Immunology

“Bill Shafer is recognized for his contributions in being a leader in the antibiotic resistance initiative over the decades and training students in this important area. Additionally for serving as Program Director of the NIAID Antimicrobial Resistance and Therapeutic Discovery Training Grant, and as co-director of the Emory Antibiotic Resistance Center.”

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Ashish Sharma, PhD
Department of Biomedical Informatics

“He has spearheaded the development of biomedical informatics education and training at Emory. He has done all this in addition to maintaining a highly active research group with independent funding and collaborations with researchers across the country, a feat that is highly commendable.”

“…it is done with the pure passion for improving and innovating teaching at Emory.”

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Arvinpal Singh, MD
Department of Surgery

“When Dr. Singh was appointed medical director of the Emory Bariatric Center in 2012, he instituted a variety of improvements to the service…instituted universal screening for obstructive sleep apnea, smoking cessation, and diabetic control in bariatric pre-surgical patients to optimize post-op results; and created medical student and resident clinical rotations to improve trainee education in the field of obesity medicine…”

“In 2015, he designed and organized a comprehensive non-surgical, medical weight loss and management program called Path2Health.”

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Yogita Tailor, DO

Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

“Dr. Tailor recently joined our faculty with great vision and energy. She has spearheaded a quality improvement project leading a group of residents to identify a pervasive deficiency in vitamin D among the patients admitted to the Emory Rehabilitation Hospital. Her project won a GME quality improvement award and led to a change in admission procedures for the hospital.”

”She is a delightful member of our department.”

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Lena Ting, PhD

Department of Biomedical Engineering

“Professor Lena Ting has provided outstanding services in the Department including mentoring junior faculty and recruiting faculty as well as serving on the department’s Retention, Promotion and Tenure Committee, Graduate Committee, and Faculty Advisory Committee.”

“She provides critical leadership for the Neuro-engineering center at GT and Emory and Neuro community at Emory/GT, especially in the eNTICE and Rehab medicine.”

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Erwin Van Meir, PhD

Department of Neurosurgery

“Dr. Van Meir is a hidden gem because of the quiet but remarkable dedication he has demonstrated throughout his career in helping cancer patients by decoding the molecular puzzle of how tumors develop. His success in team science is documented in over 150+ scientific publications in high impact, international peer-reviewed journals.”

“These represent enormous gains in understanding many cancers and developing new treatments.”

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Pete Wenner, PhD

Department of Physiology

“…the contributions that make Pete a “Hidden Gem” often occur behind the scenes. He is active in the community fostering science at a high school level as a Judge for Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Atlanta and the Brain Bee for High School students at Georgia State University. He has also participated in the Brain Awareness Month as outreach to high school and undergraduates.”

“He has an unfailing sense of responsibility to the Neuroscience Program at Emory…We would be poorer without his contributions.”

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Elizabeth Willingham, MD

Department of Otolaryngology

“Dr. Willingham is recognized for her role in establishing and maintaining an “Otolaryngology Hospitalist” service at EUH after the departure of the Department of Otolaryngology from the Clifton campus. She currently serves as Secretary of the Metro Atlanta Educational Society for Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery Inc.”

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Ray Young, MD

Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

“Directs both the Psychiatric Consultation Liaison Service at Emory University Hospital and Emory’s nationally recognized Psychosomatic Fellowship Program, which he was instrumental in creating. He co-directs Emory’s Combined Internal Medicine/Psychiatry Residency Program, one of the strongest programs of its kind nationally.”

“On multiple occasions, he has received Outstanding Educator of the Year Awards from the residents.”